Christine McCarthy

Christine has been practicing yoga since July 2011. In a search to find something to help with her arthritis, she came to a Bikram Yoga class with her sister in law, Stefanie. She immediately loved it. Over a short period of time she realized that her arthritis was feeling better but over all mentally was feeling great as well. As a mother of 3 she didn’t always make time for herself and this yoga helped her realize how important that really was. She found herself taking class every chance she could. Christine, really enjoyed being at the school so much that she started working part time here. She loved the yoga and was so inspired by the teachers and community. About a year later Christine found herself wanting to make a career change. After talking with her husband and family she decided to go to Teacher Training in the Spring of 2014.

Christine said that this was the hardest decision she has ever had to make. As a mom, she found herself always putting herself last to make it work for the rest of the family, so doing this seemed so strange to her.

With the immense support of her husband, family, yoga family and most of all her 3 kids she decided to take the leap and head to LA for Bikram’s 9 week Teacher Training and taught her first class 3 days after returning home.

She feels like this is just the beginning, the knowledge and learning is never ending and she is so fortunate to experience this with the amazing group of teachers in the place where it all began for her.