Heidi Schetter


Heidi found her way to Bikram Yoga Voorhees in June of 2011 after experiencing some personal challenges in her life. Also wanting to heal her body of past injuries as a former gymnast and runner she thought she would give yoga a try. After completing her first class she knew she stumbled upon something truly amazing. Instantly falling in love with not only how she felt better physically but even more so mentally, she was hooked. Wanting to share this yoga with as many people as possible and help others experience the same healing benefits she knew teacher training was the next step for her. With the love and support from her family and the yoga community she attended teacher training in fall of 2012. Heidi is grateful for the opportunity to help others start to feel better mind and body with the healing power of yoga. Humbled to be a part of such a wonderful yoga family, she is excited to continue her growth as a student, a teacher, and to spread the word of the “feel good” that this yoga has to offer.