Jessica Gardner


Jessica started her yoga journey in 2001 after years of battling an autoimmune condition, thyroid tumors & juvenile arthritis. Immediately she could feel there was something special about her yoga experience. She continued to practice during her early years of nursing school and during her travels with her husbands business. They lived in various cities through North America and England including London and Vancouver, Canada. This allowed Jessica to broaden her yoga experiences and see yoga from various angles. After finishing her BA in Business instead of nursing, she decided to attend Bikrams 9 week teacher training in Hawaii 2007.  After this she began working with Senior Bikram Yoga Teacher MaryAnn Nassa which ignited a spark to further her quest for knowledge and her own personal healing.

In 2009 she began to study and work with International Yoga Asana Champion Esak Garcia on the study and techniques of yoga as demonstration and competition. She participated in clinics, seminars, demonstations as well as competed in and hosted 2010 Pa/NJ USA regional yoga asana competition. She has competed in the USA National Yoga Championship 4 times, 2 of which she placed top 20. In 2010 she began studying and mentoring under world renowned yoga expert Mary Jarvis. Under Mary’s mentorship she participated in countless clinics, seminars and facilitated retreats and coaching clinics to help others on their quest for knowledge and to be of service to the community.

Jessica was also introduced to the Hippocratss Health Institute for Wellness and Health in West Palm Beach, Florida; where she is currently enrolled. In 2010 Jessica and her husband settled in southern New Jersey where she opened her first yoga school. She has spent the past years studying, practicing and being of service to others to help people find the healing relief they may be looking for in a personal yoga practice. She has been able to change her own body by coming off of numerous medications including (but not limited to) methotrexate, prednisone and plaquinel and living a medication free life.

In 2013 she gave birth to twin girls then in 2015 gave birth to a singleton girl. She practiced and studied all during her pregnancies making her well versed at a yoga practice pregnant and currently helps women with their holistic prenatal needs on and off the mat.

Jessica has dedicated her life to be of service to others. Her main focus is provide a place for people to turn when they are in need of help or just a place to be where people can come have fun and feel good. She’s continuously strives to keep information current and to provide a happy  knowledgeable yoga environment that is inclusive to all and celebrates the diversity of it all.

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